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AI Nutrition

Data Meals for your AI Project

AI Nutrition
Garbage In Garbage Out, nowhere is this truer than in the field of artificial intelligence. With recent AI-related scandals evoking outrage and negative publicity due to bias, and with 90% of the cases resulting from Data Bias rather than algorithmic bias, making sure you have thorough data is never more important. Data bias arises when an AI is malnourished from ingesting homogeneous data, often based on human or environmental-source bias. For AI algorithms to rise above these flaws and reach maximum potential of universal adaptability, they need a healthy serving of balanced data. Literally the more diverse the data-sources, the more adaptable the AI is. As an AI developer, you need a partner with global access to collect, compile, and process diverse data sets from around the world in order to guarantee your AI’s maturity.
Text Data Collection

1. Text Data Collection

Collections of text-based datasets like Shopping Receipt Datasets, Document Datasets, Menu Datasets, Ticket & Boarding Pass Datasets etc
Speech Data Collection

2. Speech Data Collection

Opinion Space has a network of resources specialised in creating, collecting, cleaning, editing and transcribing speech corpus data.

3. Audio Transcription

Regardless of ethnicity, culture or language peculiarities, our resource pool is aligned to provide you linguistic/corpus annotation to fuel your AIs NLP needs.
Image Data Collection

4. Image Data Collection

We have successfully assisted many top-tier tech firms with both the creation and the collection of pre-existing photosets of among other things people in their natural environments over a given period. This data has been crucial to the development of among others key facial recognition software used to secure devices & properties today.

5. Video Data Collection

Looking for authentic first-hand video data can be challenging, yet it’s necessary to gain an edge over everyone using disorganised scraped content to feed their models. With over 100,000 resources on-call across the globe. We are ready to cater for specific requests with odd parameter requirements.

6. Video & Image Annotation.

If you need to integrate computer vision into your AI, we will inscribe metadata to motion pictures and still images to train your algorithm to among other things track faces/objects/animals through parts of video.

Need healthy data for your AI project?