Data Collection

market analysis 2

Market Analysis

Align your brand with success. Gain market awareness and ability to identify and empathise with your customers environment and you will be able to identify options and issues that are important and linked with their life objectives beyond surface appearances.

Understand Your Market

Political & Economic background
Market Demand
Channels of distribution.
Major Suppliers/Brands
Market Developments
Demand Forecasts

Advertising Research - Opinion Space Research & Data

Advertising Research

Successful advertising is an effective advertisement that has been marketed to the targeted audience and has generated a response. If you’ve demonstrated a positive response to your advertisement, the ad has been successful.

In order to effectively determine if your advertisement has been successful, you’ll want to assess the following:
-Did you generate a response? -Was there a conversion of interested leads to paying customers?
-What is your total return on investment?

A successful advertisement can be determined by these statistics.

consumer research

Consumer Insights

Discover new ways to please your customer through streamlined customer experiences and stay on top of your game by keeping tabs on your customers’ satisfaction. Realign your business to consumer trends and enable an open communication policy with VOC (voice of the customer) initiatives.

Customer Endearment tools.

Customer Expectations.
Lifestyle trends
Customer Experience.
Service Quality & Needs Measurement.

brand research

Brand Research

Protect your brand position, market share, sales volume and price premiums against marketplace dynamics.
Brand Research Strategies

Brand Awareness
Brand Communication
Brand Equity
Brand Launch
Brand Line Extensions
Brand Identity
Brand Positioning
Brand Repositioning
Brand Satisfaction
Brand Strategy
Brand Protection

Brand Sales
Price Premium
Brand Position
Market Shares