Omnibus Surveys

So, the pandemic is here and you neither expected nor planned for it. The market is in steady recession and your company is bracing for the most uncertain economic period since the world wars. As a savvy business strategist, you have weighed the issues of conducting research in a time of constant change and decided that you need to stay in touch with the market through the darkness. An omnibus study is one of the lean-budget solutions that can help your company become relevant in the post-pandemic market.

Below is the traditional model for how research is commissioned and conducted.

Every company runs their survey separately.

Omnibus is a super-survey made by compiling two or more mini-surveys typically designed for different clients and purpose. With an omnibus, the surveys from different clients are merged into one partitioned questionnaire and fielded at once before the data is separated for analysis by each one of them.

The chart below indicates how omnibus surveys are commissioned and conducted.

The Omnibus Research Process.

Omnibus surveys are incredibly affordable and provide a decent research vehicle for businesses that have a lean research budget. Here are some key


  • Versatile: Ask 1, 5 or 10 queries its up to you.
  • Low Cost: ONLY pay a for what you ask.
  • Free Demographics: Free Age, Gender & Geo data.
  • Rapid turnaround: It all runs on a tight schedule.
  • Access National Audience: Its all Nat. Rep.

Target Uniformity

Like a bus route, surveying together only works if all clients on board are going for the same respondent. This the people interviewed can transition from one client’s questionnaire to the next without much disruption.

Opinion Space has monthly Omnibus Surveys (OpinionBus) in 4 African markets that serve a variety of clients both local and multinational. Below is a summary of the available respondent targeting options. The overall Structure is closely representative of the country’s census data.

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